Anyone can use an idea. You can make up the story from each idea. You can add your own ideas for other people to see. No spamming, raging, griefing, or trolling. If you see an idea you like you can make a fanon about it. No one should put something on here they don't want other people to do. Remember, these are peoples ideas, don't say they are stupid when they might be a great idea. Be nice and thoughtful.Edit


  • Make a story from any of the characters' point of veiw. Such as: Fumblemore, Knight Peculiar, or Israphel.
  • Make your own story in the world of Shadow of Israphel.
  • Continue what you think will happen in the next episode.
  • Make a prequel to Shadow of Israphel; perhaps the events of the first Sand War, or the story of a Templar.
  • A story about a kid who gets drafted and has to see the spoils of war.
  • More backstory on Verigan and Karpath Antioch.
  • Legends from before the time of Verigan and Karpath, maybe even pre-Sands.
  • An explanation of what the Sentinels are, where the Sands came from and why Israphel went bad.