Shadows of Israphel Ep. 43: Herbs and DevicesEdit


Swampy Bogbeard leads our two heroes, to a small underground cavern hidden in The Oasis. There are two Sand Pigs, locked up in the old dungeon. swampy tells the heroes that they are the only way to save Webley in time. Swampy leaves for meditation time while Honeydew and Xephos get to work. Honeydew finds a secret chest full of Tanned Leather and Xephos finds Swampy's greenhouse and collecs some carrots. They both equip their pigs and prepare to save Webley. One problem. They are buried underground. Xephos starts complaining while Honeydew finds a small stone button. The are both blasted into the sky by the hidden TNT. Xephos looks down to see the Oasis buring as the Sands finally takes another victim. But it is not the Sands that has started ths attack. Xephos noticed a giant machine rumbling toward the remains of the Oasis. The pigs land directly in the path of the Jade Sentenial. They notice a faint nametag inside the robot. Xephos breaks his way into the robot, and finds himself lost in machines and redstone wire. Unknowing to them, an alarm blares off inside the robot. The man walks down to where our two heroes are trapped. Honeydew prepares to fight while Xephos remarks that they may not be able to save Webley in time. The heroes prepare to face the man behind the door. Then, a huge explosion happens and everything goes black.

Upcoming Episode: SoI 44: This Feels Like Hell