Simon and Lewis have updated the game to 1.4.2 and admire some of the new updates, such as Anvils and Carrots on Sticks. They set out for the Hand on pigs with a letter from Shiplord Hubert to the Shiplord's Council and a couple of spare Fumblemore's Cure-all Potions from Swampy, who claims he invented the spell in the first place and Fumblemore stole it. They encounter several Templar zombies and skeletons and fight a horde of Zombie Lalnas, as well as Witches. They kill some and steal several valuable potions. They continue onwards and find several more dragon skeletons. Lewis begins to wonder where all the giant skeletons came from. They arrive, but Simon and his pig are blown up by a stray Creeper. He teleports back, commenting that the spawn point has retrned to it's original location and claiming that he saw Daisy the Cow, Lewis claiming that it was just another normal cow. They finally arrive at the Hand and reach the place where they left Professor Webley. However, they find Webley missing and a chest containing a ransom note from Evil Honeydew, saying that he has kidnapped Professor Webley and might free him if the heroes give him a hundred Jaffa Cakes, 64 blocks of TNT and a block of radioactive sandstone buried in the area. They agree to his demands and Simon stays behind to cheat the stuff and ward off hostile mobs while Lewis hunts for the sandstone block. Lewis digs down and finds a crumbling sandstone structure with a chest in it, containing the radioactive sandstone block. He puts it in his inventory and makes his way back to Simon, who has spawned 80 blocks of TNT and a hundred and one Jaffa Cakes. He eats one and starts eating another. Lewis kills Simon and takes the supplies for safekeeping, including Father Braeburn's Golden Record (finally proving the heroes had it). They then set out on a dangerous mission into the Sentinel to save their friend.