The heroes reach the minerails and fight through wave after wave of mob to reach Facility 4. They are attacked by a trio of Evil Webleys and Lewis is trapped in a cloning machine, spawning an Evil Xephos. Simon kills one of the Evil Webleys but is soon overwhelmed and killed. One of the Webleys takes Simon's stuff and when he teleports back Simon gives chase. Lewis, meanwhile, fights off the Evil Xephos and the other evil Webley and finds an iron door in the back of the room. He opens it and an Iron Golem rushes out to attack the second Evil Webley, killing it immediately. The Evil Xephos runs away and Simon kills the third Evil Webley and steals his supplies back. They continue onwards and battle monster upon monster until they reach a jumping puzzle, much to their chagrin. Lewis immediately uses tree magic to get past it and Simon blows up the puzzle. They enter a heavily guarded corridor and battle several cultists, mobs and robots reminiscent of Pirate Tinman before finally they reach a large room with a massive iron brain in the center and Evil Honeydew holding a lever. The lever connects to a redstone circuit which leads to an iron cage containing Professor Webley. The floor is made entirely out of TNT and Evil Honeydew warns that unless his demands are met, the TNT will be primed and Webley falls into the radioactive lava below. Our heroes eventually come to the decision that Webley is expendable, and Evil Honeydew decides to give them a more difficult choice, unveiling a bed in the cage which contains an extremely mutated but alive Knight Peculier.