I am Luna King, the Emerald Knight. I am only a child, but I have seen more than any child has seen. I watched my mother and father fall with my home in Mistral City. I watched it burn. I have seen death. I am a warrior and Israphel is my target.

Kenneth shot a bolt of crimson light at the Blaze and it burned to death. A Blaze Rod fell to the floor and Kenneth picked it up. "Could be useful," he mumbled. We walked down the hallway listening to the sounds of Blazes in the distance. There was a sound behind us. A Wither Skeleton moaned and swung his stone sword at us. Kenneth whirled and fired crimson light. It missed and killed a Blaze sneaking up behind. I struck out with my sword and beheaded it. It fell to the ground writhing and died, collapsing into a pile of bones and coal. I stabbed the skull and it splintered into shards. "Wither Skeleton Skulls can be dangerous," I muttered. "Gad," said Kenneth, "those things are creepy." "Better than a Blaze," I said. "I suppose," he said, "but in a place like this, what could be worse than getting knocked out by the Wither effect?" We turned and my mouth went slack in shock. "Well, for starters," I said, "imagine running into a full blown Blaze Spawner. And a room full of the darned things!"

Legend of the Emerald BladeEdit

Kenneth fired a bolt of light from the wand and water poured into the room, dousing the Blazes. I swung my sword wildly and watched the Blaze Rods fill up the water. A fireball grazed me and I briefly caught alight. I screamed. Fortunately, the water doused the flames. I stabbed again and ripped flaming limbs from the water. It rose up above me and filled my lungs. I couldn't talk. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. A Blaze rose towards me ominously, but I slashed and it fell back and drowned. I turned to Kenneth and mouthed Do something! He shot lightning and I fell unconscious.

When I woke up, we had been washed down a corridor further into the Fortress. We were definitely, beyond all doubt, hopelessly lost. I tingled with electricity. I felt a spark as I grabbed my sword. It was charged. I stabbed at a Wither Skeleton and the coal caught alight, incinerating it in seconds. I twirled my new weapon. "Thank you, Kenneth Fireblast." On the subject, where was old Kenneth anyway? I turned. He must have been washed further. I heard a rustling noise behind me and whirled, stabbing at the Zombie Pigman charging towards me. It fell back. "NO," it yelled, "DON'T STAB!!"

The Pigman had fainted when I scratched it and electrocuted it by mistake. I nibbled on some stale bread and contemplated giving him some of my pork - I had more than enough in my backpack. Of course, that would be offensive. I gripped my sword tightly and contemplated killing him. I thought about poor Aravius, consumed by flames and the swords of Zombie Pigmen. I raised it briefly, but a thought came to mind. How old was he? He couldn't have been half the size of the ones that killed Aravius. Or maybe he was a she. No, he looked a bit masculine, for a pig. I looked him over. The infection that plagued the other Pigmen was absent on this one. He looked a little beat up, but obviously he was in the Nether. Who wouldn't look a little run down when dodging lava waterfalls and horrific monsters? He squirmed a bit. I heard noises. "Blazes," I said to myself. I drew my sword and lashed. There was a scream, and Kenneth fell on his back. He looked up. "Don't ever do that again!"

Five minutes had passed, and we still had no idea what to do with the little porker. "Aravius was like a father to me," said Kenneth, "those mindless things killed him!" "Whatever he is," I said, "he isn't mindless. That's what bugs me! He talked! Now, most monsters I know of can't talk very well. You get grunts from Zombies, Ghasts can mew, Creepers hiss, and Endermen- well, I don't know what kinds of noise they maje, but I know that they can't talk. Maybe he's been cured somehow." Kenneth raised his eyebrows. "Cured?" I nodded. "Why not? They just discovered a cure for Zombie Villagers." He sighed. "Suppose we could save him from the Pigmen that killed Aravius? What then?" He groaned. "Fine," he agreed, "but you carry him." I grinned. "C'mon, Porky," I said lifting him onto my back, "time for your piggy-back ride!" Kenneth laughed.

It wasn't long before we reached the obsidian wall. Kenneth kicked it and walked down a side hallway. "No diamond pick," he yelled, punching the wall, "and WE WERE SO CLOSE!!" I walked up to him. "Don't hurt yourself," I said, "and we'll find a way. No trap is unescapable." I walked along the wall. "Information can not be destroyed," I mumbled, "only hidden." I fingered a crease in the wall. I slipped my sword through but I couldn't budge it. "Kenneth," I said, "do some magic stuff." He turned to me. "Huh?" I rolled my eyes and made a creepy face. "Do your voodoo that you do so well!" He fell to the floor laughing, then screamed and shot a bolt f crimson light. It struck a Wither Skeleton down. The skeleton stood up and turned to face me. Suddenly, I felt extremely dizzy and I felt a sharp pain behind my temple. Another crimson bolt missed by a mile, though I suspect it hit a Blaze. I drew my sword and killed it instantly, slicing right through the skull, though unfortunately my sword must have run out of charge. I grabbed up some coal from the remains. "Torches," I mumbled, "need torches." Suddenly, the pain flared up again and I collapsed. "Not again," I muttered before I blacked out.

I heard a distant voice. "Wither effect..." I heard, a tiny fragnment of conversation, "potent... may help... need to find... she helped... and I... right now... or she could... watch out for... thank... I think.. hang on..." Time seemed to be acting wierd. What seemed like a few seconds was five minutes later when I opened my eyes. "You're awake," said Kennth, "great! We need to get you to a Witch Hut." I moaned. "Witch Hut?" I groaned sleepily, "this is the Nether." He nodded. "Apparently, there's a witch in this fortress. She apparently came here to collect potion ingredients and decided to live here." I shifted and realized I was riding on a pig. "Who..." I started to ask, only to realize that in front of me was another pig. The Pigman was awake and leading the pig with a carrot. I nodded. "Oh," I said. I think I blacked out again after that.

The next time I came round, there was an old lady holding a splash potion leaniong down and stroking my forehead. "Old lady," I said firmly, "don't touch me." She retracted her hand. "As you wish," she said in an cold, brittle, well-aged voice. She stood up. "This will help," she said, and threw the potion at me. I immediately felt much better. I stood up, but I was still dizzy. The woman handed me a potion and I drank it. "Thanks," I said. I looked around. It was, for all purposes, an average Witch Hut. I had once fought twelve Witches and a vampire in a hut like this one. However, this one was made of Cobblestone and I could see it was placed over a pool of lava at the heart of the Fortress. "So nobody sneaks in," said the witch, following my line of sight. I nodded. "I'm Luna," I introduced myself, "the Emerald Knight. And you?" The woman nodded curtly. "Gwyndal," she said, shaking my hand, "Gwyndal Gollumswamp." The Pigman and Kenneth stood at the door. "Do you mind if I chat with this young girl?" Gwyndal asked them. Kenneth nodded. "In private," she added. They turned and left. Gwyndal ate a Spider Eye, and I winced. "So, child," she said, "do you want some tea?"

I sniffed my cup, but it didn't smell poisoned. Still, you never can be too careful. I flicked a drop onto a Carrot lying on the ground. "Oh," I said, "where did the carrot come from?" Gwyndal looked. "Mercy me," she said, "that nice young Pigman must have dropped it!" I tossed it to the pig and he promptly ate it. If he didn't show any sign of illness in the next five minutes, the tea was safe. However, I decided to pass on the Spider Eyes and Mushroom Soup. How could you get Mushroom Soup down here? Gwyndal slurped down a bubbling bowl of… what? And did I want to know? She smiled. "So, Luna," she began. "Do we know each other?" She raised her eyebrows. "Well, not yet." "In that case," I replied, "the first-name terms can wait. Call me Miss King, for a start." Gwyndal nodded. "You don't need to be so strict." "I don't trust Witches. Anything that spawns at night or in another dimension and/or tries to kill you, whether or not provoked, is by my definition not to be trusted upon first contact. Admittedly, you saved me from the Wither effect, but suppose that you work for Israphel and want to extract information, or make me a prisoner. In that case, your saving my life had an ulterior motive. If you can prove that you are trustworthy, then perhaps we can get beyond this." It had been five minutes and the pig hadn't budged, so I sipped my tea. "But chi - Miss King, how do you know I didn't put something in your tea?" I smiled. "If so," I calmly explained, "the pig would know." She raised an eyebrow. "Ah," she realized, "the carrot!" I nodded. "And if we are playing that game," I continued, "how do you know I didn't put something in your Mushroom Soup?" She grinned. "Because the tea you just drank had a drop of Mushroom Stew in it." It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. It had tasted funny. I was surprised I hadn't noticed. I was too relaxed. "Well then," I said, "good thing there wasn't anything in your tea." She nodded. "Indeed." We sipped our tea in silence, both watching for any suspicious moves. I put mine down. "Now, Gwyndal," I said, "was there something you wished to discuss with me?" She nodded. "I assume you are looking for the Dark Lord." I nodded. "You mean Israphel." She winced. "DON'T," she complained, "say his name!" "Sorry," I apologized. "The Dark Lord," she continued, "is in a fortress behind walls of obsidian. The trouble is, you can't get through." I nodded. "I tried," I explained, "we just don't have the equipment. The only man who could have helped us… is… well, dead." Suddenly, I realized I would never see old Aravius again. I fought back the sudden tears and sipped my tea. "I'm sorry," said Gwyndal, "I am a master at potion brewing. I won the Golden Nether Wart three years in a row and have a position on the Witch's Council of Brewing and Magical Research." She beamed with pride. "I wasn't aware such an organization existed," I replied. "You don't know anything about the affairs of monsters. Why do Creepers stare at you? Why do the Endermen attack upon eye contact? For that matter, why do monsters attack anyway? Who built the Dungeons, the Abandoned Mine Shafts? The Nether Fortress where you stand, who built it? Oh, if only your records showed history before the founding of Ancient Mistral and the Sirian Empire. There, fact blends into legends of the hero Steve, son of Notch, and the terrible dark lord Herobrine. Oh, if only you knew the truth about the Indev Eon, and Classic, and even before, when the world and the Humans were created and Steves and Giants walked the Earth. If you knew, you would know the truth about Herobrine and the monsters of the night. Who knows, maybe you would pity them. Especially the Endermen, poor souls, cast out of their homeland by a monstrous being." Gwyndal sipped her tea again. "But I am straying from the subject at hand. Now, as you theorized, I discovered a cure for not just Zombie Pigmen, but for all zombies." I gasped. "My Notch," I exclaimed, "the implications! Why, we could cure Israphel's undead horde! Maybe we could undo their immortality altogether! And of course, we could cure Zombies, at least partially, and use them as thugs against Israphel!" Gwyndal smiled. "Yes indeed," she said, "but it took me a lot of tries. My first batch just killed them, and the second turned them into pigs." She nodded towards the pig that I had rode here while unconscious. "That's how I got my pet, Baconlegs. It was the fourth batch that gave me a cure, and Porkchops was the first Pigman I cured. He's the one outside talking to Kenneth." I looked. The Pigman was doing a handstand and Kenneth was doubled over with laughter. I smiled. "They're getting along famously," I noted, but I quickly returned to business mode. "Get to the point, witch." She nodded. "I think the third batch will be of most interest to you," she said, "because it can control a mob of Zombie Pigmen." I stood up. "And that means," I realized, "we can use a mob of Zombie Pigmen to demolish the wall!" Gwyndol shook her head. "No, Miss King," she explained, "we can use them to break down the door."

We waited outside while Agneth brewed the potion in her hut. "So," I asked the Pigman, "do you have a name?" He smiled and nodded. "I'm Porakh Chopas Aalen-Totec Manat Saalen Aken Sarvin Radastar Yena Ra Ladest Andarianalistis 14 of the 27th Pigman Mob of the Eastern Nether Israphel Fortress Patrol." I stared at him. He laughed. "Just call me Porkchops," he said blushing. I resisted the urge to double over laughing. "Well then, Porkchops," I said, "I'm afraid I don't trust you and Gwyndol." Kenneth gaped. "But Luna," he complained, "you don't even know him!" "I know that he is a Zombie Pigman, or at least he was, and I don't trust him. I'm being too lenient. If I can trust him, he has to earn that trust." Kenneth groaned. "Sometimes, Luna, you just need to relax." I rolled my eyes. "Relax, you say? IN A WAR!? I don't think so." Kenneth confronted me, and Porkchops backed away. "I can't believe this is coming from the person who gave me that speech on why I shouldn't hurt him," Kenneth complained. "Believe it," I shot back, "I've been too lenient. Trust is dangerous." "Then how can you know to trust me?" "Maybe I can't!" I ran up the staircase to the upper storey.

Gwyndal had put a lot of work into building a sniping range to kill Ghasts. I was blowing away Ghasts when Kenneth came and sat down next to me. We didn't talk for a bit while I shot Flaming Arrows and Fire Charges at the floating freaks. Finally, he sighed. "Why do you trust Gwyndol?" I fired off another round. "Because I don't have another choice." I burned up two Ghasts with one shot. A Ghast's fireball bounced harmlessly off the iron bars. "I'm sorry," said Kenneth, "I know we're in a dangerous situation." I nodded while I leaned over to a pull a lever and reload the dispensers. "Actually, we aren't. I doubt that Israphel will find us in the middle of his lair, and I really know that we can escape without getting burned up by Blazes or stabbed by Skeletons." My next shot missed by inches. Kenneth sighed. "Once we leave, who will you turn to if you don't trust anyone." "I've been on my own for a long time, and I can be alone for even longer if I have to." Kenneth nodded. "I wonder what Skylord Amber would think." My finger paused inches from the button. "What?" "Would your mother be proud of you? Would she want you to grow up friendless and alone? What about your father? What would he think?" He stood up. "Think about that." He headed back downstairs. My next round didn't even get close to a single Ghast.

Gwyndal held the strange, silvery splash potion and tossed it into the air. It left a trail of silvery streaks in the air as it flew towards the lava and exploded. The air was full of a fine silvery powder and I felt very calm all of a sudden sniffing it. I realized that if this was a trap, I should get away from the cloud. I did so. Suddenly, Porkchops started running towards the lava, and Gwyndal knocked him unconscious with a splash potion. "Sorry, Porkchops," she apologized, "but you could get killed by the mob." She lifted him up and fled just as a swarm of Zombie Pigmen arrived. She threw two more potions and they started looking around, wondering who and where they were. "Find and destroy the Endstone door of Israphel," she ordered, "follow the Nether Brick road." They obliged and ran down the Nether Brick pathway that was at the back of Gwyndal's little courtyard. "Let's go," she motioned, "before the Ghasts come back to their senses." I saw them in the lava sleeping, and I realized that there was no roof above our heads. "Lead the way," I decided.

It was an ornately carved door, towering and beautiful, a testament of power and the will to use it. It fell the moment that the huge mob of Zombie Pigman smashed into it, causing it to come crashing down upon a horde of Zombies. We were immediately inundated with Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers and Blazes. Fortunately, the old Diamond armour that Gwyndal had given us held strong, and I barely felt a scratch. My beloved emerald sword cut down the undead ranks and slaughtered the Blazes. Of course, the Creepers were another matter. I was flung through the air by a little hissing one, and I landed on obsidian. That really hurt. I stood up and fought my way towards the light of Glowstone. Behind me, Kenneth was yelling "DIE, UNDEAD ZOMBIE SCUM!!" I think he was enjoying himself. I jabbed, slashed and whacked a Blaze into submission and it desperately threw a Blaze Rod at me. I grabbed it in midair and jabbed it into his heart, and he burned to death. "Good job, Luna," said a voice behind me. I whirled. A spider jockey sat behind me. The spider was the biggest cave spider I had ever seen, and it was dripping venom from it's fangs. The jockey was a Wither Skeleton with an enchanted bow and a golden skull. I saw a zombie with diamond armour and a fiery sword run up behind him, and a Creeper with two arms and two legs walked up holding an iron axe. "I would say go to hell," I said, "but we're already there, aren't we?" I jumped up screaming and thrust my sword towards the zombie's heart.

I never knew a Creeper could be so quick with an axe. With three slices, he knocked my sword to the ground. He was obviously the Creeper Boss, so these were the Zombie and Skeleton Bosses. I didn't even know they had a Skeleton Boss! The spider leaped at me, and in desperation I pulled out a pair of bones and hit the spider in the eye. It screeched and flew away long enough for me to grab my sword and jab it in the belly. As it sickeningly squirmed and bled all over me, I kicked the zombie down and picked up a Blaze Rod, poking it in his eye. He screamed and a sharp pain shot through my leg as an arrow went into my thigh. I screamed and flung the spider at the skeleton, knocking it down. The Creeper lunged, but this tome I was prepared. I sliced through the handle of his axe and splintered it, and as the Zombie lunged at me with a sword I leaped out of the way. The sword went into the Creeper's leg and it surrendered to it's primal instincts. I lunged out of the way as it violently blew up, killing the Zombie instantly and spraying Rotten Flesh all over me. I wiped some off my forehead. "Nice," I mumbled. The skeleton had, by now, returned to his senses and drew a Stone Sword, and I barely managed to block his thrust. I retaliated by striking at his hand, but he moved away and feinted for my chest. I slashed away his feint and shoved the sword back at him, and I took advantage of his momentary distraction to make an attempt at his head. He recovered quickly and nearly put his blade through my stomach. I sliced again and caught him in the leg. He screeched with pain and coal fell to the ground. I did a figure 8 double slash at his chest and knocked out three ribs. He winced and surprised me with a slash to the wrist. My hand throbbed and I dropped my sword. I yelled and grabbed for it, but the hilt of his sword hit me in the forehead and knocked me to the ground. He leaned over me and made an unearthly rattling sound in his throat, jabbing the sword right towards my heart. Then, a golden blade stuck out of his forehead. I took the opportunity to regain my sword and cut off his arms. He fell onto me and shoved me to the edge of the pit made by the Creeper. My arm flew out and grabbed one of the spider's fangs, yanking it out and sticking it into his hips. He flailed and rattled as the poison took effect and I threw him back, where he smashed into a pile of bones and coal. Behind him stood Porkchops holding a coal-stained golden sword. I smiled. "Okay, Porkchops," I decided, "maybe I can trust you." Then, I felt a cold feeling. I whirled to face Israphel himself. Suddenly, I blacked out.

I awoke in a dungeon underneath Israphel's obsidian castle. I was in a cell behind Iron Bars next to a pair of women and an old man. One of the women had blond hair and one of them was a brunette. The old man was bald except for some dreadlocks and an ancient looking grey and white beard aged by time. The man turned to look at me. "Thank Notch," he exclaimed, "you're awake!" He walked up to me. "The dark lord almost killed you," he explained, "he is unbelievably powerful.' He smiled. "But have I totally forgotten my manners? I'm Karpath, Karpath Peculier." I shook his hand. "THE Karpath Peculier? One of the greatest heroes of all time? Founder of the Templars and slayer of the dark pharoah Lehparsi? Creator of Karpath's Map and heir to Verigan's Fist, the most powerful weapon of all time." He nodded. "I see legend has turned me into quite a figure! In reality, I live in my father Verigan's shadow. Now he was a true hero, an inspiration to us all!" I laughed. "Don't be so modest," I exclaimed, "I based my techniques on yours. In fact, your son Verigan II trained me for a time." Karpath laughed. "I have heard a great deal about my son. I'm sorry, I skipped the introductions. This lovely young lady here - well, one of them - is Daisy Duke. She's told me a lot about my child." She smiled. "I'm pleased to meet you, Miss..." It was my turn for introductions. "Silly of me," I exclaimed, "The name's King, Luna King, though I go as Miss King or the Emerald Knight. I have also been called Israphel's Bane and the Slayer of a Thousand Zombies." The brunette laughed. "Then you may come in handy," she decided, "I'm Minthor, by the way. Minthor Antioch. Karpath is my husband." I shook her hand. "I have heard about you, too," I said in greeting, before turning to Karpath, "so, what may I be useful for?" He sighed. "Well, for the past decade or so, I've been trying to escape here. I was wondering if there was anything you could do." I sighed. "I'm sorry," I apologized, pulling out my sword, "but all I have is-" I gasped. A tingle ran up my arm. The sword was still charged! I looked at the bars. "Well," I decided, "all I have is a way out of here."

After a few hours of pressing the sword against the iron bars, the electric charge finally melted them enough to break through them. It was a tight squeeze, but I made it. A Zombie must have heard the noise. Quickly, I drank one of Gwyndal's five invisibility potions, for emergencies. He forced Karpath back at swordpoint. He probably never knew what hit him. I gave him my signature Figure 8 slash and lightning leaped across his body. He screamed and turned into ashes. Karpath nodded. "I couldn't have done it better myself," he said decisively. I handed him a potion. "Here, an invisibility potion." He marvelled at it. Obviously, he didn't know of the existence of invisibility potions yet, cut off from the Overworld, even the Nether for so long. "What will they think of next?" he muttered to himself. I handed one to Minthor and one to Daisy, pocketing my extra. "Alright," I said, "let's move! To the Overworld, where Glowstone doesn't provide the light, for the sun rises and burns bright." We charged for the exit unseen, and I knew that this would be the most dangerous moment of my life.

We walked through wave upon wave of monster running and screaming. Evidently, the rebel Pigmen were still at large, and hopefully so was Kenneth, Porkchops and Gwyndal. One of the Pigmen was being dragged away by a pair of Wither Skeletons. The Zombie Boss stood nearby. How could he have been resurrected already? He was talking with another Zombie, evidently a commanding officer. "I hate this place too, Colonel," he complained, "but I can't let you go back on Overworld assignment until you make up for the failed balloon mission. It was a good thing none of the mortal soldiers died, but that doesn't take away the fact that you were supposed to kill the dwarf and the spaceman!" Dwarf and spaceman? The names sounded familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. They sounded like bumbling fools, but evidently Israphel was not a fan of them. "I will try better," said the zombie. "Stock with your assignments at hand, Zayor," said the Zombie Boss. We soon passed them by. Unfortunately, Colonel Zayor turned, and so did the Zombie Boss. I suddenly realized everyone was looking in our direction. My potion had worn off. I drew my sword and started speaking in language that shouldn't be recited here. "GET THEM!!" yelled Zayor, and it seemed that several dozen bored and/or mad monsters were happy to oblige.

I hacked and slashed my way towards Zayor and, before the skeleton archers could take me out, I gave Zayor a figure 8 and he slumped to the floor dead. The Zombie Boss lunged at me and I ducked, diving towards a painting of a Wither. However, there must have been a trapdoor on the other side, because as soon as I tore through the painting I fell and fell and fell.

When my spinning head recovered, I realized I had landed on a bed. Lucky. There seemed to be the remains of a dungeon down here. There used to be a prison here, but the bars were broken and twisted out of shape. I held up my emerald sword cautiously and walked down the silent hallway. There was magma cream covering everything, and I almost had to swim through it. I emerged in a glowstone chamber with a lake of lava at the bottom. Suddenly, I heard a voice. "What is it, the creature that comes down here and disturbs our peaceful slumber, precious?" Just then, a deformed thing that might have once been a Zombie Pigman leaped out of the darkness and screeched at me. I flailed wildly, but I knew I was about to fall into the lava.

A note - If I have been alternating between "Avarius" and "Aravius" as the deceased wizard's name, please let me know. His name is supposed to be Aravius, so if I have been confusing the names please feel free to make corrections when appropriate. Also, the use of the name "Adaventure" for Aravius' airship is fully intentional, so whoever tried to delete that did not have any permission. Finally, I know that this new, mysterious creature - I'll calm him Thoth - is essentially like Gollum. I sort of added him as a joke.

The cake is a lie...