I stumbled through the spindlewood forest with the sun setting behind the evergreen maze. Ice gripped my heart as I felt something knock my back. I spun round and shot a brilliant blood-red spell out of my twisted oak wand. The flesh-eating zombie soared away through the clouds.

" Well done Lightning" called Swampy as he flew like an eagle up to me. " I see your getting better. " Thanks Swampy" I replied, "I'm tired so I think I'll go to bed". " Goodnight" answered Swampy as he shot through the air like an arrow and disappeared in the distance.

As I slipped into my room, I noticed someone so I turned to the visitor to see a young women shooting an emerald green spell at me. I blacked out.

I lifted my heavy eyelids and saw nothing but darkness. I heard a voice. It was a girl. Suddenly, I woke up and noticed the strange girl staring at me. " Hello, You awake?" She asked, curiously. " Yeah, hi I'm Lightning" I croaked. " I'm Tkaia, nice to meet you" " Where are we?" I asked. " I have no idea" she replied. We glanced around and saw a house in the distance. We ran to it.

Me and Tkaia stepped up the the battered mahogany doors and knocked. It seemed like no one was home. "And who might you be?" asked a sinister voice. We spun round to see a cloud of black smoke. "You are welcome to enter my home" the voice came again. Again we spun round to see a man dressed in black at the door. We walked into his home and he introduced himself. "I am Dark Night Wolf but I prefer Dark" he whispered loudly. I answered back, " I'm Lightning and this is..." I stopped dead as I heard a high pitched scream.

I sprinted towards the source. Suddenly the sound of hundreds of TNT colliding with wood boomed through my ears. I glanced behind me to see Dark's house destroyed and ablaze. We kept running.

We soon saw a pale girl lying on a soft spot of grass, unconscious but alive. Me and Dark helped carry her to a spring near some lush, green trees. We slowly splashed freezing cold water over her smooth face. She awoke with a jump. "Hello I'm Minty" the girl greeted. "I'm Lightning, this is Tkaia and this is Dark" I answered. "Nice to meet you" she replied.

Suddenly a wooden airship landed next to us. A boy jumped out. "Hi I'm Mattias" he greeted. We introduced ourselves to him. Night was approaching."What are we going to do? There are monsters at night" Dark declared.

More parts soon. LightningD.