Hey guys Star here... I just wanted to put a fiction I am writing here just because it was made for SoI. So it is called "The Shadow of Mystery" hope you all like it. (BTW everyone I will be writing another fic once I get it strait out)

Part 1: The Shadow in the Backround

Shadow in the Background


"Do you see them?" My friend James ask. "Ya but quiet down or they will hear us." I said quietly. "Right now they are getting in some sort of rail. Oh now they are leaving let's go." I continued on. We stood up and walked of on of the rails. Right next to us the knight fell of the tracks yelling "HEROS!" And in to the pit of green lava. "Oh my gosh. Xephos he is gone." The small hairy dwarf said.

We were watching them speak about their lost from a distance. "I know my friend I know. He said if there was something of to happened with him he said to go on without him." the space man said almost with tears in his eye. They continued with a broken heart that their friend just died next to them. As we followed the went into a strange room where they had to some sort of door with Redstone torches. "When are we showing ourselves? "James asked. "Wait tell the right time." I whispered back at him.

After a half hour the dwarf gave up and used TNT to blow up the door. and went through, as well as we did. they found some sort of lab with weird machines. "What is this thing?" The Dwarf said walking into the machine. "Well don't mess with it Honeydew!" Xephos yelled. Just then Honeydew got trapped in ice and two evil Honeydews came out of a hole.

The real dwarf managed to get free and kill one of them. The other one ran of on a rail way. "Lets follow him make sure he doesn't escape." Both of the heroes said at the same time. they continued and when we followed the space man spoke up. "I have a feeling ..." right then and there he turned around, pulled out his sword and finished his sentence. "That were being followed." he said with a grin.

Pointing the glowing blue at us he asked one simple question that we froze to. "Who are you?"

Well there is part one for now XD its small but it will get longer.. Tell me what you think of it :D (one more thing If you like it check out my fic on ... Well ill put link. Its called Tekkit Friends(if you a elemental read bypass this lol) and my first fic I ever wrote